Hi, I'm Anfisa!


Before I came to live at Ahimsa Acres, I was treated unkindly. When I was a baby, my beak was cut off so that I couldn’t peck at other birds. I ended up in a live poultry market where I was destined to become someone’s dinner. Thankfully, some kind activists got me out of that place and brought me to live here. I was weak and scared at first, but now, my life is wonderful! Some of my favorite things to do are bossing around the other birds, sunning myself and searching for yummy treats in the grass.


Hi, I'm Pedro!

My brother, Marco, and I came to live at Ahimsa Acres because we were being picked on by the head rooster at our first home. We really like it here. My favorite thing to do is practice my crow. It’s a very important job and it lets everyone know that it’s time to rise and shine!

Hi, I'm Marco!