Hi, We're Larry, Curly & Moe!

… better known as The Stooges! Our lives had a very sad beginning. We were someone’s pets, but when they got tired of us, they dumped us at a pond, not realizing that as domestic ducks, we’re too dependent on human care to fend for ourselves in the wild. We were starving at the pond and people threw things at us and scared us. Some kind people discovered us and kept us safe. When we came to Ahimsa Acres, we were terrified of everyone and everything, but slowly, we’ve come to discover that people are not all that bad. We love digging for worms in the dirt, playing follow-the-leader and swimming in our pools!


Hi, We're Dolly & Miss B!



Hi, I'm Dale!


Hi, We're Nala, Petey, Grey & Pippin!

Our former family got us at the county fair when we were just wee ducklings. They gave us a good life, but couldn't take us with them when they moved, so we found our way to the sanctuary. At Ahimsa Acres, we enjoy hanging out by the pond, taking naps in the sunshine and looking for bugs in the grass.