Hi, I'm Ginny!

When I was born, my mom rejected me. She was very old and had a lot of babies in her past, and she just didn’t have it in her to raise me. A rescuer scooped me up and helped me find my way to Ahimsa Acres. I’m a very independent girl and although I’m tiny, I’m not afraid of anything! I love bossing around the boys and getting into mischief.

Hi, I'm Billy!

I was purchased from a livestock auction by a family who wanted me to help keep their backyard free of brush and overgrowth. They didn't think I was doing such a great job and I was in danger of being eaten. Luckily, a kind person intervened and I came to live at Ahimsa Acres. I think I'm the boss of the herd (but really Ginny is) and I love attention and sleeping in the hay trough. I also have a rockin' goatee. (PS: I have to wear tennis balls taped to my horns because I can be a little too rough with my herd-mates. I'm working on being nicer, though.)

Hi, I'm Solo!

When I was a baby, my first family saved me from becoming someone's dinner. I lived on their farm with some mini horses until my owners decided it was time to downsize. They searched for a great home for me and found it here at Ahimsa Acres. Mom calls me the gentle giant -- I'm the biggest of the goats here, but the sweetest. My fur is super soft and I love butt scratches! And, if you can't tell by the size of my belly, I also really, really love to eat!

Hi, I'm Willie!


I was born on a dairy farm and taken away from my mom so that humans could take her milk. Together with 10 other baby goats and lambs, I was given a chance at a better life by someone who bought me and brought me to live at Ahimsa Acres. I became very sick and had to spend some time in the hospital, but I am doing great now and love romping through the field with the rest of my herd.