Hi, I'm Rocky! Also known as "Rocky the Miracle Pig."

On July 9, 2016, I was rescued from a terrible situation. I was ten days old and extremely sick with meningitis and pneumonia. I was lethargic, couldn't stand and was infested with lice. I was hours from death. I was given a 5% chance of survival and spent 17 days in the hospital, but I beat the odds and am recovering well at Ahimsa Acres. I got a chance at life that so many others do not get. I now know kindness and love and it feels wonderful. I have my own Facebook page and Instagram account -- follow along to see how far I've come!

Hi, I'm Apollo!

I was purchased, on a whim, from someone selling me online as a pot-bellied pig. My owner quickly realized that he had made a huge mistake, because I am, in fact, a Hampshire pig and when I'm fully grown, I will be enormous!!! My owner knew that he had to find a safe place for me to go where I wouldn't be eaten, and I eventually found my way to Ahimsa Acres. I love my life at the sanctuary -- especially spending time with my pig friends and exploring the farm. You can often find me in the horse stalls, looking for leftovers on the ground. I love to eat -- I am a pig, after all!

Hi, I'm Duke!

I was purchased as a "mini pig," to be kept as a pet, but my former owner's dog didn't like me, so I was kept locked up in the basement. Another rescuer came to get me out of there and I love my new life at Ahimsa Acres!

Hi, I'm Little Marie!

I used to belong to someone who didn't know how to properly take care of me, and as a result, I came to Ahimsa Acres with overgrown hooves, frost-bitten ears and a whole bunch of extra weight. I was so scared at first, but I really love it here now! I'm losing weight, my hooves are feeling better, and even though my ears fell off as a result of my frostbite, I can hear just fine! Me and Holly are best buds -- even though I like to steal her hay!