Hi, I'm Daisy!

I used to be a city bunny, but now I’m a country girl! I lived with a nice woman in Philadelphia, but when she couldn’t care for me any longer, I came to live at Ahimsa Acres. I am a curious girl and love jumping and running. Treats are my favorite, but snuggles are pretty great, too!

Hi, I'm Buster!

I used to live somewhere else, but when my owners got tired of me, they let me go outside. I was scared and felt very alone. I didn’t know what to do! Some kind people found me, fed me and cleaned me up. Then they brought me to live at Ahimsa Acres. I love it here! Daisy is my BFF and I love exploring and figuring out how to get into the chickens’ pen.

Hi, I'm Wiggles!

I had a home at one time, but my family didn't want me any longer, so they left me behind a Tractor Supply Co. store. Thankfully, a kind store employee found me and reached out to Ahimsa Acres for help. Unfortunately, my friend who was also left with me did not survive, so I went to Ahimsa Acres alone. I was very scared at first, but now I absolutely love my new life! 

Hi, I'm Nemo!

I was found as a baby with my sibling, abandoned in a box on the side of the road. Sadly, my sibling did not survive. A nice person found me and helped me find my way to Ahimsa Acres. I now spend my days chowing down on fresh veggies and playing chase with the other buns!

Hi, We're Tango & Kiki!


We were found dumped in a neighborhood by some concerned residents who reached out to Ahimsa Acres to alert them of our situation, who came right out to get us. We're super mellow buns who love taking naps!

Hi, I'm Sky!


I was used as a breeding rabbit, but ran into trouble during labor and taken to a veterinarian for treatment. My owner couldn't afford the surgery that was needed to save my life, so they surrendered me. With the help of The Gypsy Rose Animal Foundation, the veterinarians were able to perform my surgery, then they placed me up for adoption. Ahimsa Acres scooped me up and brought me to safety at the sanctuary where I am everyone's favorite bun because I'm just so tiny and adorable!