Hi, I'm Harry!

I came to live at Ahimsa Acres when I was just three days old! I was born on a farm nearby, but my mother rejected me and I needed round-the-clock bottle feedings to survive. Today, I’m doing great! I don’t look like your typical sheep because I am a breed raised for meat (please don’t eat my relatives!) and so, I have fur that grows and sheds out, instead of wool. Since I was raised by humans and lived with cats and dogs during my early days, I really have no fears and I love everyone! I get a kick out of trying to sneak into the house, I love snuggles and there’s nothing better in the world than the reward of finding the tastiest grass in the pasture.

Hi, I'm Sheldon!

I was born into a University agricultural program. The student who was assigned to me was upset that after the end of the term, I would be sent to auction. She didn't want anything bad to happen to me and got permission from the school to find a safe place for me to go. I arrived at Ahimsa Acres in May 2016 and instantly became best buds with Harry. I love laying in the sun, playing with Harry and the rest of the herd and giving kisses!

Hi, We're Frick & Frack!

We lived on a farm with other animals, but our owner didn't take very good care of us. Thankfully, the SPCA intervened and got us away from that place. We do everything together and we love our new life at Ahimsa Acres!

Hi, We're Ebony & Ivory!


We were used for breeding for many years, but the farm where we lived was looking to downsize. Thankfully, our caretaker was able to convince the farm owner to spare our lives and send us to a sanctuary instead of to slaughter. We're enjoying our golden years here at the sanctuary. We're old and wise and have a lot to teach the young sheep and goats!