Hi, I'm Harry!

I came to live at Ahimsa Acres when I was just three days old! I was born on a farm nearby, but my mother rejected me and I needed round-the-clock bottle feedings to survive. Today, I’m doing great! I don’t look like your typical sheep because I am a breed raised for meat (please don’t eat my relatives!) and so, I have fur that grows and sheds out, instead of wool. Since I was raised by humans and lived with cats and dogs during my early days, I really have no fears and I love everyone! I get a kick out of trying to sneak into the house, I love snuggles and there’s nothing better in the world than the reward of finding the tastiest grass in the pasture.

Hi, I'm Sheldon!

I was born into a University agricultural program. The student who was assigned to me was upset that after the end of the term, I would be sent to auction. She didn't want anything bad to happen to me and got permission from the school to find a safe place for me to go. I arrived at Ahimsa Acres in May 2016 and instantly became best buds with Harry. I love laying in the sun, getting in trouble with Harry, bothering the pigs, and giving kisses!