What is Ahimsa?

No, it's not our last name.

Nope. Not the town where we live, either.

Ahimsa is a belief.

It's the belief that we follow at the sanctuary and the belief we weave into our everyday lives and interactions.

It's the belief in the sacredness of all living beings and urging the avoidance of harm and violence.

In short, ahimsa means to do no harm. 

Although ahimsa stems from the Jain, Buddhist and Hindu religions, it's a concept that transcends all boundaries -- religious, or otherwise -- and, when embraced, has very powerful effects.

Ahimsa Acres is our special little slice of the world. Through ahimsa, we are changing the world for farm animals by creating a place where they are safe, loved and respected for who they are, instead of being exploited for what they are. 

We believe that if more of us learned to more fully embrace ahimsa, the world would be a much kinder place for humans and animals alike. 

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